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Rudel fled to Argentina in 1948. A committed and unrepentant Nazi , he founded the " Kameradenwerk ", a relief organization for Nazi criminals that helped fugitives escape to Latin America and the Middle East . Together with Willem Sassen , Rudel helped shelter Josef Mengele , the notorious former SS doctor at Auschwitz . He worked as an arms dealer and a military advisor to the regimes of Juan Perón in Argentina, of Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and of Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay. Due to these activities, he was placed under observation by the US Central Intelligence Agency .

Will They Only Play Oompah Music?
You are going to be shocked when you realize how many modern songs the Brass Bands do covers of.  Expect to hear tons of American oldies, German hits, and everything from Black Eyed Peas to ACDC.  As the day goes on they even add guitars to the band turning the excitement even higher.

Wolfgang Petry - So Ein Schwein ...Wolfgang Petry - So Ein Schwein ...Wolfgang Petry - So Ein Schwein ...Wolfgang Petry - So Ein Schwein ...